Why Now?
Thursday, December 29, 2005
  Trust Me
The man and his administration lie about everything and fill important posts with total incompetents and he expects the American people to "trust him". What has he done that merits trust?

He took a month long vacation and ignored a dire warning just prior to 9/11/01. His Attorney General cut funding for counter-terrorism on 9/10/01. He didn't change his vacation or schedule for days following the Katrina landfall. There hasn't been a single, successful terrorist prosecution on his watch. But the American people should trust him?

His government has swept up thousands of people and held many for years without charges, and some who are known to be innocent are left in prison because they have no place to go as a result. But the American people should trust him?

The main terrorist threat is made up of Muslim fundamentalists who, by definition, don't trust technology, but he wants to data mine phone calls and e-mail. But the American people should trust him?

They arrested Jose Padilla and claimed they stopped him from blowing up a "dirty bomb", and going on to burn down apartment blocks by starting gas leaks. But when push came to shove they charged him with loitering and hanging out with the wrong crowd. They never explained how a guy that has shown no knowledge of explosives and has had no access to explosives or radioactive materials was going to get a "dirty bomb". But the American people should trust him?

They claimed to have stopped an attack on the Brooklyn Bridge...with blowtorches. I have to assume they meant to say oxyacetylene torches, because a blowtorch is fine for melting ice or patching tar, but it would have minimal effect on a bridge. How were these "terrorists" supposed to avoid getting dumped off the bridge by union stewards for working without a card, because it's easier to join Skull & Bones than a NYC skilled union? But the American people should trust him?

What have the American people received for the trillion plus dollar deficit he has run up since being in office? We know he didn't spend it on body armor and vehicle armor to protect the troops. But the American people should trust him?

The man swore on a Bible twice to support and defend the Constitution and to faithfully execute the office of President, but he spends an awful lot of time and our money looking for ways to subvert the rights of Americans and to avoid enforcing the laws. He claims all this is necessary to fight the "war on terror". All we have is his word, because he won't respond to what little Congressional oversight that has been attempted. But the American people should trust him?

Trust and respect are earned. Where, precisely, in the record of this administration is the action or accomplishment that merits either? They spread fear more effectively than those normally considered "terrorists", but that would seem to be their sole accomplishment. As Donald Rumsfeld observed, they have no metrics. They have no plan. Since they have no goals, they are wandering in the desert.

But the American people should trust him?


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